Triptykon - Melana Chasmata

Triptykon - Melana Chasmata
Melana Chasmata
Century Media
on Tue, 04/01/2014 - 16:13

No introduction is needed for this case. The imposing presence of the great Tom Gabriel Fischer has been established since many years thanks to his influential and grandiose music, the awesomeness that can produce and above all, thanks to the uniqueness of that music. Throughout the years many have tried to approach the sound of Celtic Frost, but nobody had been able to replicate that unique feeling. Even if someone cannot tolerate extreme form of music, at least he must respect Tom’s enormous offering.

Any doubt about whether Tom Warrior still has the potential to be competitive in the modern music industry was shattered in 2006 by the release of "Monotheist". The demise of Celtic Frost did not block his way, but provided a new source of inspiration and expanded the scope of his creation. In other words, the expectations are still high and the new opus by Triptykon attracts everyone's attention, at least of those who believe they are serious metal fans.

From the very first seconds of "Tree Of Suffocating Souls" a sonic wall of darkness rises and traps the listener, while with each note you feel the ground trembling. You do not need even a minute to understand the quality of the record, as it is an album that will enchant you with its first listening. The slow tempo compositions creep into the darkness and create moments of overwhelming bleakness, while the few outbursts play a redemptive role since they serve to defuse the accumulated hatred. The song structures are a little more tight and concrete in comparison to those of "Eparistaira Daimones", while the sound production is natural and undiluted.

The album flows in an electrifying and intense atmosphere. The tension is such, that after the listening you need time to get over it. Either in the intense moments, or in the more atmospheric ones the sonic assault is relentless and the intensity is not reduced at any point. In its 67 minutes this album is lightless, hopeless and spreads a veil of darkness from which you cannot escape.

The changes in Tom’s vocal style and the combination with female vocals are some of the top features of the record, creating each time a different image and mood. Listening for instance to the "Demon Pact" or the "Aurorae" you feel the need to bow in awe.

The music of "Melana Chasmata" is dark, black, heavy, full of hatred and sadness and melancholy and many more that cannot be described in plain words. It is of those ones that have the quality and the content to be a landmark for the extreme music.

I am not ready at this point of time to judge whether the great Tom Warrior at his 52 years, pushes the envelope of extreme music once again in his enormous career, but fortunately all those who had missed the era, when Celtic Frost were presenting their classic creations, now have the opportunity to experience the era of the classic Triptykon’s records. The new release by the great Tom Gabriel Fischer makes the majority of the others, who say they play extreme music, seem insignificant and possibly makes them think about it again.

Something like the painting by HR Giger, which graces the cover of this album as well, "Melana Chasmata" is a dark and sinister piece of extreme music, without a trace of naivety or vulgarity. Through its simplicity, a real, black masterpiece of art.