Tremonti - Dust

Tremonti Dust
on Tue, 04/19/2016 - 19:55
Heavy rock’s best current composer and guitarist strikes again with solo album #3
I don’t think that a long prologue about Mark Tremonti is necessary. Instead, I’ll prefer to make a statement. Mark is the greatest guitarist/composer of our time, at least in the field of heavy rock (and maybe beyond).
Technically, this is his third solo album, but in fact it’s the second part of a double album recorded in 2015. The first part ended up being the amazing "Cauterize" and now we get to hear ten more tracks that form "Dust". If someone rushes into the conclusion that this album is filled with leftovers, that’s surely not the case.
Well, to be honest, even this guy’s leftovers would be better than the average songs out there. Especially, in this time of his career he seems to have Midas’ touch.
His riffing is once again as solid as a wrecking ball coming straight to your face. And, man, he may not be the best vocalist in the world, but he’s amazingly talented in writing vocal lines. Every verse and every chorus is so damn good that it’s hard to explain where he draws inspiration from.
Then it’s the sound that Elvis Baskette has taken care of  once more, and is flawless. All whilst Eric Friedman, Wolfgang Van Halen and Garret Whitlock create a great team that gives additional value to Mark’s ideas and performance.
On top, it’s the great lyrics. They’re dark and personal, sometimes cutting like a knife, talking about betrayal, regrets, fears and anger and such topics, proving once again that Mark is also a fantastic lyricist.
The album starts with the dynamic "My Last Mistake" and along with the powerful "The Cage" and the thrashy "Once Dead", they bring along a serious case of the headbangs. The title track is maybe the best song Mark has written for his solo band, incorporating an excessively catchy chorus. "Betray Me" is another dynamite of a track and the emotional "Tore My Heart Out" can make you sing your lungs out with its chorus. "Catching Fire" is great overall, but it’s that middle section part that showcases what Tremonti is capable of. "Never Wrong" and "Rising Storm" are just typical Tremonti songs, but "Unable To See" closes the album perfectly, being the most heartfelt composition in it.
Overall, "Dust" is exactly what his fans are waiting from him. It may be slightly less impressive than "Cauterize", but it’s surely another brilliant album, coming straight from one of the greatest artists of our times. The new James Hetfiled some might say and I wouldn’t disagree...
Brace yourself, cause Mark will strike again in a few months with the new Alter Bridge album.