Sealclubber - Stoical

Sealclubber - Stoical
Medusa Crash Recordings
on Wed, 02/17/2016 - 13:07
Primordial evil aesthetic with awe inspiring sound of unfathomable heaviness
Their name tells a story. Their music performs that story. Imagine yourself walking through a massive icy plain where everything is so serene, calm and quiet. You can feel the silence and the cold in your bones but you don’t care, you’re used to it. Nothing ever really happens anyways. This is the metal music scene nowadays. To your amazement a little seal jumps out of the chilly waters nearby you, flapping its flippers and making that cute sound, unaware, happy without the slightest trouble in mind. The adorable animal probably just had a lovely fish for dinner and is very content. This is its comfort zone. The seal is you really. Suddenly a massive guy with a Brummie accent appears out of nowhere. You’re startled. With one stroke, he clubs you on the head and your brains spill out on the ground making a splashy sound. The snow is red. You cranium is crashed and your eyes have been exploded out of their cavities. You've just met Sealclubber.
It must be ecumenically accepted that their sound, effortlessly, has a profound heaviness that is a cumbersome burden for the untrained, faint-hearted listener. Beware. Their music with exceptional ease and no discernible incisions runs the gamut from crust, punk and hardcore to sludge, doom and post.
Without trying to claim the high ground of originality, their brutal merits bring forth unanticipated creativity and novelty. Theirs riffs have this primordial evil aesthetic that brings back joyous memories listening to Black Sabbath as a teenager. But minus the naiveté of the '70s and plus their extraordinary heaviness.
The vocals are acerbic and harsh at the same time and their musical amalgam is sometimes reminiscent of the amazing Raging Speedhorn, but from their good old days. Every now and then they put some Old Man Gloom in the mix and some other times when they need to blow some steam off, they party with the Cursed, but all things considered they come out as a unique cast of unpolished raw in-your-face metal. With a pinch of atmosphere. And perhaps a dash of ambient. I bet you get the idea.
Perhaps it is not as obvious at the first glance, but trust me "Stoical" will not let you down.  Unless you cannot handle the weight and girth of their overwhelming, awe-inspiring riffs and sound as it consumes your scrawny existence. Sealclubber is on the loose.