Overkill - White Devil Armory

Overkill - White Devil Armory
White Devil Armory
Nuclear Blast
on Fri, 09/05/2014 - 14:34
"Overkill have returned to the spotlight with full force, sporting their genuine and vagrant thrash metal"

I counted them up and they are... seventeen. Yeap, Overkill have reached seventeen full length studio albums and unless something terrible happens, I feel they are easily going to make them twenty. The truth is that if they keep writing albums like "White Devil Armory" I have no reason not to anticipate more from them... Since "Ironbound" Overkill have returned to the spotlight with full force, sporting their genuine and vagrant thrash metal and there is no such thing as looking back. The moment is now.

The album was recorded in Verni's studio and the production is excellent once again. The sound is great and clear, the guitars are massive, the galloping bass is loud and way high up in the mix (it's D.D. we talking about after all) and the drums are sounding sharp, even though Lipnicki torments them without mercy.

During the last years, the band has reinvented its sound, mostly by making a modern version of what Overkill sounded like in the late ‘80s and in the early ‘90s. The tempo is quite furious, though one can still find the characteristic slow breaks and the mid tempo tracks that make the record sound really heavy. After the almost cinematic intro with "XDM", there comes the first single and video, "Armorist" and all hell breaks loose with the thrash beats, the sharp riffs and Bobby's strong performance. It's quite shocking to hear this fifty-fucking- four year old guy singing like a teenager. "Down To The Bone", "Pig" and "Where There's Smoke" offer nothing less, with riffs that remind me of the glorious days of the past, containing sick solos and supersonic drumming by Lipnicki, who proves himself the right person for the job.

There are some cooler and slower moments on the record that should be mentioned as well. For any new Overkill fan this might come as a surprise, but the older guys are familiar with the fact that beside writing thrash songs, Overkill have always been capable of delivering songs with great groove. "Bitter Pill" is a fine example of such songwriting. The cool guitar melody in the beginning leads to a slow and heavy riff that makes a killer heavy song, switching between different music themes. "Another Day To Die" and "It's All Yours" are on the same page, but it is "In The Name" that stands out, offering a sensational performance from Bobby, beautiful breaks, ideal escalation and great theme development.

Overkill have returned and they are strong, thriving and in a great mood, kicking the ass of many younger bands by putting so much passion in their latest effort. Despite the fact that things went wrong in the past (changing record label, members departed, health issues,etc.) they keep recording fantastic albums. They seem to have left the bad moments behind and albums like "White Devil Armory" are the profound proof that they are currently at an "A level" status. It's the New Jersey Way... open and swallow the cold bitter pill.