Fjort - Kontakt

Fjort - Kontakt
Grand Hotel van Cleef
on Wed, 02/17/2016 - 13:02
A top-class sophisticated post-hardcore act that you don't know just yet
Their previous album "D'accord" was an underestimated lost gem of a genre that lately produces more and more interesting records. But there are so many misleading things going on with them. The name the band firstly predisposes a more extreme Scandinavian sound, and then the awesome album cover is reminiscent of 1970s italodisco album. Nevertheless, their approach fuses hardcore and metal with melody and other more mainstream shit that I never thought that I could identify with.
But there's something you need to know about them, even if totally works on so many levels. They sing in German. So as my linguistic capacity in this language will only implicate me in a nasty bar brawl or direct me to a brothel don't really know if they talk about blooming petunias or about ripping your cock off. But when the dude spits the words out he means business. So my money is probably on the second choice.
I also reckon that Fjørt by choosing to convey their lyrical themes in their native language renders more difficult their product to be exported and it's a shame really, because they deserve a much wider audience. If they are also half as good on their live performances as on the album we probably talk about a seriously undervalued kick ass band that needs to get out there in the spotlight. But not too much. That's tacky.
They have elegance, they have class, but also the have anger management issues and despite their structural neatness their music easily becomes a slap in your face and then a kick where it hurts the most. Production-wise it's sober and crystal clear, but with just enough dirt to make Refused blush. Their music will mess up with your head and bring forth the worst of you. And that's why I love them. Also their two excellent videos portray this eloquent clean cut almost hipstery aesthetic.
My only appeal for the future is that I'd personally prefer a rougher and heavier sound around the edges to eliminate the slightest misinterpretation that they could become a despicable and disposable screamo sold-out shit band. Just saying. There's a thin line here with the terminology of the genres around the emerging post-hardcore scene and crossing it over it will ruin everything once and for all. It's better having a smaller but strong fan-base than gamble to access an ephemeral and impressionable fickle audience. I speak as a true fan. Of course, Fjørt at this point, it's totally not the case to the best of my knowledge but every band I like after a bit turns weird.
Until then "Kontakt" will reign supreme and will stay afloat on top the vast sea of mediocrity of music getting released every day.
Kick ass song: "Lichterloh".