Alter Bridge - The Last Hero

Alter Bridge
Alter Bridge
The Last Hero
on Tue, 09/20/2016 - 11:45
There are still heroes in music and Alter Bridge prove once again that they belong among them
There’s no need trying to measure the potential and the influence of an artist that started out during the last two decades, especially compared to the great ones that thrived in past decades. Times have changed, but that doesn’t mean that new leaders don’t emerge, as this generation produces its own heroes. Alter Bridge want to prove once again that they belong among them with their new album.
After four amazing albums and a big journey from disappointment and uncertainty to recognition, no one can argue that Alter Bridge have an established name in both shores of the Atlantic. Some would argue that it’s the connection with Creed and others that it’s the fact that Myles Kennedy became Slash’s wingman, but in fact, it’s only the music they’ve put out that brought them here.
"The Last Hero" is a follow up to the heavier side that was presented on "Fortress" and the darker colors of "ABIII", keeping the character of the band intact, but at the same time adding a few newer elements. This time, producer Elvis Baskette led them to a more "rock" oriented and less polished sound, built around Mark Tremonti’s huge riffs and Brian Marshall’s and Scott Philips’ concrete rhythm section. But then it’s Myles Kennedy that once again shines with his performance, confirming something we already knew; that Alter Bridge is his natural environment.
One can find some straightforward, rocking tunes like leading single "Show Me A Leader", the already fan favorite "My Champion" or the US oriented (musically and lyrically) "You Will Be Remembered". At the same time there are tunes heading to the heavier direction of the previous album like the mid-tempo "The Other Side" or the ferocious "Island Of Fools". And then there’s a song like "This Side Of Fate", with the first half reminding of "All Hope Is Gone" (from "ABIII") and the latter half sounding like a heavier version of a Muse song.
While there are nice songs like "Crows On The Wire" and "Twilight" helping the album to flow nicely there are some tunes that make the difference. "The Writing On The Wall" with its awesome melodies, the dynamic "Poison In Your Veins" and "Losing Patience" with their catchy choruses or the epic ending with the title track are some of them. But I think it’s "From The Cradle To The Grave" that (along with "My Champion") will be the real standout tracks for most of the band’s fans. Myles’ performance on the verse of the song should be enough proof for everyone.
There’s no need to say more. Alter Bridge continue their flawless discography with "The Last Here" creating an enjoyable album from start to finish. Only time and subjective points of view can tell where it will stand in comparison the other albums of the band, but the fact is that it’s an equally qualitative piece of work. And this is a great achievement itself.