Vision Of Disorder announce new album, plan for November release date

Hardcore pioneers Vision Of Disorder announced they will release a new full-length album November 13th on Candlelight Records
on Thu, 09/17/2015 - 20:19
Vision Of Disorder

Vision Of Disorder confirmed today they will release a new full-length album, "Razed To The Ground", November 13th on Candlelight Records.

The album, which was produced by Zeus (Hatebreed, Demon Hunter, Rob Zombie), is the band's second release via Candlelight.

Vision Of Disorder also announced they will perform on November 14th in Long Island, NY at Revolution Music Hall. Tickets go on sale, Friday, September 18th; pre-orders for "Razed Τo Τhe Ground" are set for October 9th.

"Razed Τo Τhe Ground" offers ten 'provocative' tracks from the pioneering Hardcore troupe. "We are very excited for our fans to hear this record", said Vision Οf Disorder vocalist Tim Williams. "I am especially excited about the growth of the songs [as well as] the brutality, the melody and the overall sound of the record."

Remarks Vision Of Disorder bassist Mike Fleischmann "As a band, Vision Of Disorder strives to evolve musically with each album. Having Zeus as a producer really allowed us to achieve that goal. "Razed To The Ground" contains some of this band's finest moments, and we are extremely grateful to Candlelight that we have been given the opportunity to demonstrate that we are still at the top of our game."

The first track off of the new album, "Hours In Chaos" is set to premiered in early October.  Further comments Williams, "Upon hearing the first riffs of the song, I knew it was gonna be a monster and needed strong vocals and lyrics to bring it where it needed to be."

Since 1992, Vision Of Disorder has recorded three demos and an EP before their seminal self-titled Roadrunner Records debut in 1996. The band has since released eight additional recorded efforts, including a seven-inch split with Loyal To None and a split seven-inch with Nanchaku.

More information on "Razed To The Ground" and Vision Of Disorder can be found on the Candlelight Records Website at; you can also find more info on upcoming Vision Of Disorder performances at

Vision Of Disorder - Razed To The Ground