Sharon Osbourne on Lars Ulrich: "He needs a good slap sometimes, but we love him"

on Wed, 05/27/2015 - 16:24
Sharon Osbourne & Lars Ulrich

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne took over Ozzy's SiriusXM satellite radio channel Ozzy's Boneyard this past weekend and presented their list of the Ultimate Guitar Gods. Their choices re-aired multiple times over the weekend and during the broadcast, Sharon had some interesting things to say about Metallica and their drummer Lars Ulrich in particular.

Before playing the Metallica song "Battery", Sharon stated: "I feel like we're their parents. We've known them from when they were so young, and seeing them all grow up, have their own families... And since Robert [Trujillo], who is, like... he is part of the Osbourne family. [Since] Robert Trujillo joined them, we're even more connected with them. It's family. You know, they are family. And [we have] so much respect for Metallica. And [I] just personally love each and every one of 'em."

Never one to hold back, after she made that touching statement she added: "Lars [Ulrich] is a bit of a bigmouth. He needs a good slap sometimes, but we love him."

As for Sharon herself, the wife of Ozzy is currently struggling with her health. People reports that the 62-year-old is going to be taking a month off from The Talk so she can recover from exhaustion.