My Dying Bride announce new album for September 2015

on Thu, 07/02/2015 - 10:58
My Dying Bride

My Dying Bride will be releasing their forthcoming album, "Feel The Misery", on September 18 via Peaceville Records.

The album is the band's 12th studio recording and a follow-up to their last LP, 2012's "A Map of All Our Failures". The original guitarist for the English doom metal band, Calvin Robertshaw, has returned to play on this album, which features eight tracks. The title track will also be the debut music video for the album.

My Dying Bride played at the Maryland Deathfest in May 2014 but were not on the lineup for the festival’'s 2015 run.

About "Feel The Misery" the band has said: "Contained within are all the grandeur and mastery of the melancholic one would expect to find on a recording from this group of musicians". The album will be released on CD, vinyl and a special edition 2 CD/2×10 vinyl set in earbook format, the last of which comes with exclusive music and an expanded booklet. See the tracklisting for the upcoming album below.

Feel The Misery tracklist:

  1. And My Father Left Forever
  2. To Shiver in Empty Halls
  3. A Cold New Curse
  4. Feel the Misery
  5. A Thorn of Wisdom
  6. I Celebrate Your Skin
  7. I Almost Loved You
  8. Within a Sleeping Forest