Ghost: New single 'Cirice' available for streaming

on Fri, 06/05/2015 - 17:11
Ghost - Cirice

And just like that, Ghost (or Ghost B.C.) are back. The veteran rockers have been keeping with their mysterious ways of late, announcing their return in a late night TV spot that aired during a commercial break on a VH1 Classic airing of Caddyshack. Now comes a brand new song called "Cirice" that’s making its way around the Internet.

As can be heard, the track is a dark and ominous cut, building in tension and heaviness as it progresses. Elements of piano, strings and percussion open the song before the guitars, drums and bass begin to take over and move the song in a more sludgy direction.

"Cirice" is the first piece of new music fans are getting from the upcoming Meliora album. As stated, the band recently teased the new disc in a commercial spot. In the promo, it appears as though a demonic authority figure is admonishing the band's nameless ghouls for their inability to destroy the world's religious and governmental institutions. She reveals that Papa Emeritus II has been let go, but that Papa Emeritus III is ready to take them to them on their next journey, as the new leader emerges briefly from the shadows.

The disc has a tentative Aug. 21 street date, and a track listing for the "Meliora" album has also surfaced. Check it out here.