Death / Grind band Ilsa signs with Relapse Records

The band will soon release a split LP with Coffins
on Thu, 09/17/2015 - 19:58

Death Metal / Grind outfit Ilsa just announced their signing to Relapse Records. The crusty quintet has been a staple in the underground for a little over seven years, and have released four full-length albums, as well as two splits with Hooded Menace and Seven Sisters Of Sleep on A389 Recordings.

Check out Isla's newest album, "The Felon's Claw", here.

Ilsa also recently completed recording a split with fellow Relapse Death Metal troupe Coffins!, which was recorded at Developing Nations in Baltimore, MD with Kevin Bernstein. Still untitled, the split is currently being mastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, Noothgrush, etc.), and will include one track from each band.

Comments Ilsa:  "Ilsa is really psyched to be a part of Relapse Records. To be listed among so many great bands is pretty unreal. Hopefully this will help us bring more filth, depravity, devil worship, pornography, drugs, and horror to people all over this rapidly dying orb."

Ilsa will also be performing this November in Baltimore before heading to the studio to write a fifth full-length:


Ilsa live performances:

Nov 06: Baltimore, MD The Sidebar with Vastum, Trenchgrinder, Genocide Pact, Bestial Evil.


More information on Isla can be found on the band's official page; you can also find more information on Ilsa over at