Axl Rose rants about Danish giraffe killing

on Thu, 02/13/2014 - 16:37
Axl Rose

Guns N' Roses leader Axl Rose has tweeted a series of rants regarding the recent killing of a two-year-old giraffe at the Copenhagen Zoo.

The Zoo killed the healthy baby giraffe and fed its remains to lions as visitors watched, while ignoring a petition signed by thousands and offers from other zoos and a private individual to save the animal; the facility claimed the killing was needed to prevent inbreeding.

"Just enjoying the lion's share of some tasty baby Giraffica sliders! Mmmmm! What'll them crazy Danes think of next!", tweeted Rose.

"But seriously, let me get this straight...,” he continued. “The Danes killed a 2yr old baby giraffe, chopped it up n' fed him to the lions (allegedly in front of kids) to avoid inbreeding rather than find a place for it. Maybe this is a big problem over there I don't know but I'm not getting how this deters siblings n' various other assorted Danish family members from fuckin' each other?! J/k :)”

Rose followed up his posts with another tweet, writing, “Lemme get a Giraffica, a homemade cherry Danish, some o' them pre-fried Pepper's... Oh! n' a liter of cola!”

It’s the second time this month Rose has been active online; he wrote an op-ed piece for Billboard regarding the controversy over the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ mimed performance during the Super Bowl 48 halftime show in New Jersey – read it here.