Nova Rock Festival 2014: Day 1 @ Pannonia Fields, Nickelsdorf, Austria, June 13th 2014

on Tue, 07/01/2014 - 15:42
Nova Rock 2014 - Day 1 - Sepultura
Nova Rock 2014 - Day 1 - Sepultura
Photo credit: Alejandro Jaime

It's been 10 years of one of the biggest festivals in Europe: Nova Rock. And for this celebration the organisers gathered a great line up with bands from all around the world, from Brazil to Mexico to UK.

The biggest names were: The Prodigy, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath, but there were many other famous bands like Seeed, Soungarden, The Offspring, Sepultura, Anthrax, Powerman 5000 and some special show performed by David Hasselhoff.

For the effects of a more pleasant reading, I will divide the whole festival by days and stages.

The festival had 3 stages, the blue stage, this one being the main one, the red bull stage and the red stage.


The 10th year celebration started with a very promising line up. The concert was set to start at 2 pm with the Mexican band Panteon Rococó to open the blue stage, Buckcherry to open the Red Stage and Silent Grey on the Red Bull Brandwagen stage.

Sadly, it was not possible for me to see the opening, since the press centre was full and some problems with my pass occured. Of course, that didn't stop me from listening to Panteón Rococó warming up the festival with antipolitical songs. It was a very good start for a big celebration in Nickelsdorf.

Crazy Town - Nova Rock 2014

Around 3 pm, Crazy Town was in charge of the blue stage, the famous band known for the songs like "Revolving Door", "Butterfly", "Drowning" and more proved that they still have punch to fuel up the audience.

The sound of old songs like "Butterfly" made the atmosphere exploded, even for young generations, this is a very popular song. The string riffs and powerful voice of Crazy Town made the festival alive.

The red stage had another great band playing at the same time, but due to the distances it was a bit more than impossible to listen to them; speaking to the audience seems like Bring Me The Horizon rocked the house.

The Red Bull stage had Sharron Levy playing, but then again, sacrifices were made and Crazy Town was the band to follow.

The next trio of bands playing also claimed a sacrifice but there is no doubt that it was a good choice: Sepultura.

The strong voice of Derrick Green saying 'Guten Tag' (good day) marked the beginning of an amazing show, full of energy. The playlist was short but with well-known songs.

They played "The Vatican", "Kairos", "Propaganda", Convicted In Life", "Manipulation Of Tragedy", "Refuse/Resist", "Ratamahatta", "Roots Bloody Roots".

The band knew how to pull the strings to make their appearance extremely successful and also managed to interact with the audience, whether in german or English, but they kept doing it.

Sepultura - Nova Rock 2014

At the same time, The Used was playing in the blue stage and Birth Of Joy in the Red Bull stage. But here you can see the playlist of The Used: "Cry", "Take It Away", "The Bird And The Worm", "Listening", "I Caught Fire", "The Taste Of Ink", "All That I've Got", "Revolution", "The Best Of Me", "Pretty Handsome Awkward", "A Box Full Of Sharp Objects".

But the best of the first day was yet to come, the atmosphere was becoming better and better, more people started to arrive, the weather was fantastic, the music was great. It was time for another trio where a decision had to be made and the winner was the legendary Phil Anselmo.

Once more the red stage hosted a legend of metal music, while the blue stage had Irie Revoltés and the Red Bull stage hosted Reignwolf.

With Phil Anselmo on stage the crowd became insane, his first song was "A New Level", a cover of Pantera, for the good old times. "A Battalion Of Zero" followed, then "Usurper Bastard's Rant".

The peak of the concert came with "Death Rattle" and "Fuck Your Enemy". The crowd was insane, the slam was to the top and the music was becoming better and better. Just the way Anselmo can do it. The setlist continued with "Waiting For The Turning Point", "Bedridden" with an amazing solo in the beginning. Family, friends and associates prepared everything for a great finale: "Domination".

Irie Revoltés, the german band, on the other stage really gave a good performance making the crowd jump and sing as loud as possible. They switched between French and German and the crowd basically went insane; here you can see their setlist:

"Allez!", "Travailler", "Il Est La", "Tout Casser", "Soleil", "Rebelles", "Continuer", "Citoyen du Monde", "Merci", "Aufstehn", "Résisdanse", "Antifaschist", "Explosion".

The next bands to play were Seether, Black Stone Cherry and Gerard.

Seether was the band to follow and they didn't disappoint. The crowd was very excited to see them and you could feel it in the atmosphere, people jumping, singing, cheering, the real feeling of the festival was just starting. Their presentation was very short but well worthy. They played: "Gasoline", "Fine", "Again", "Broken", "Words As Weapons", "Rise Above This", "Tonight", "Country Song", "Fake It", "Remedy".

The Red stage was taken by Black Stone Cherry and the crowd was as excited as the people of the Blue Stage, everything was getting ready for the next bands.

Black Stone Cherry played the following songs: "Maybe Someday", "Me and Mary Jane", "Rain Wizard", "Yeah Man", "In My Blood", "Blind Man", "Fiesta del Fuego", "White Trash Millionaire", "Blame It on the Boom Boom" and "Lonely Train".

Still three more bands to go on each Stage and the festival was getting very, very crowded, it felt like the energy was in crescendo for a perfect ending.

The next bands to play were Casper, Steel Panther and Memphis May Fire.

I chose Steel Panther since they remind me of the legendary bands from the eighties and you don't get to see many of those anymore.

Dressed up with very tight spandex outfits, Steel Panther came to stage decided to rock like the good ol' times, just like the 80's.

The crowd answered the energy of Steel Panther and choired all the songs, yelled, screamed and made the concert something unreal.

The playlist included the best of their songs in such an order to put the audience to rock: "Pussywhipped", "Party Like Tomorrow Is the End of the World", "Asian Hooker", "Gangbang at the Old Folks Home", "If I Was the King", "Gold Digging Whore", "Girl From Oklahoma", "Community Property", "17 Girls in a Row" and "Death to All but Metal".

By the end of the concert of Steel Panther the stage was about to explode. The next band to come was Slayer.

The blue stage had Casper, a german rapper that really made the crowd go insane, with a powerful voice and deep lyrics, Casper made the crowd sing and jump all over the field. It was also the perfect warming up for the next band: Limp Bizkit.

Now the decision on which stage to choose became more difficult than earlier. Limp Bizkit on the Blue stage followed by the Legendary band Iron Maiden or Slayer followed by Volbeat.

Limp Bizkit - Nova Rock 2014In both cases, the decision was perfect. I chose Limp Bizkit since it's been a while since they have played together and especially in such an important festival; apart from the fact that having a good place to see The Prodigy was very important for me.

Limp Bizkit definitely made it big, there was no more space to walk around.

The first one to appear on the stage was Wes Borland with a mask and a black outfit, he was followed by the rest of the members including Fred Durst.

The first song they played was "Thieves", a cover of Ministry, it worked to build the atmosphere, but then we could hear the riffs of "Rollin'", this is when the audience went totally insane and also Fred Dust who left the stage to get closer to the fans.

He really made the audience go nuts and scream the songs. But the best was yet to come: "Hot Dog", "Gold Cobra", "My Generation", another song that made the crowd go totally insane and cheer; "Livin' It Up", then the famous faith, a song dedicated to all the beautiful women out there, by then the atmosphere was unreal, all the people singing, jumping and headbanging, but the next two songs just sealed the deal: "Nookie" and "My Way".

Just when we thought it couldn't get any better, Steel Panther decided to play "You Really Got Me" with Limp Bizkit, it really sealed the concert, nothing better could happen. The last two songs were part of the best hits of Limp Bizkit: "Take A Look Around" and "Break Stuff".

Despite the fact that they haven't had any big hit for the last years, Limp Bizkit still has it and they proved it on Friday night when they left the things set up for the legendary band The Prodigy.

And finally the moment we were waiting for: The Prodigy.

So there we were, waiting for The Prodigy to come out and make us jump, sing, cheer and go euphoric!

The first song was "Voodoo People", it instantly made the people go crazy, just the beat made the fans roar as loud as possible, they were there, The Prodigy was closing the first day of the festival.

But like great bands do, they were increasing the beats, playing the good ol' songs that everybody knows: "Jetfighter", "Filler Discontent", "Breathe", "Omen", "Rock Weiler", "Poison Thunder", "AWOL", "Firestarter", "Run With the Wolves", "Spitfast", "Invaders Must Die" and "Smack My Bitch Up".

The temperature reached the maximum with "Breathe" and "Firestarter" and their appearance finished with an insane yell from all the fans with "Smack My Bitch Up".

The band left the stage and as we were leaving the fields, they came back to give us more. It wasn't enough, we needed more of Prodigy and they came back to show why they are a legend in the genre. And they played "Take Me to the Hospital", "Their Law" and "Out of Space" for all the fans.

To summit all, not only the sound was perfect but the lighting, the weather, every single element played part of the great atmosphere for the very first day. It was a very, very good start for what was going to follow.

During the whole festival there was a tent where you could get your things signed by some bands and also find time schedules for every day. I got to see Epica, Sepultura, Powerman 5000, Crazy Town and many more. But the chance to get a pic with one of your favourite bands was achievable.