Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, The Raskins @ Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, US, July 21st 2014

on Wed, 08/06/2014 - 14:39
Motley Crue live @ Hollywood Bowl
Photo credit: Renee Benallie

It was beginning of the '80s, when some really "restless and wild" youngsters, decide to live in the fast lane and take the phrase "sex drugs and rock'n'roll" all the way to the end.

It was beginning of the '80s when those 4 guys met and although never exceptional musicians, they decide to love what they were about to do. And they succeed. Despite fights, despite conflicts, despite OD's, despite decadence of Hard Rock Music mid-late '90s.

But because... ALL BAD THINGS MUST COME TO AN END, 21st of July 2014 on Hollywood Bowl, it was not just another concert, not "just another day in the business", but a farewell (?) to the era we all love(d) and more of a sentimental gathering of familiar faces, friends and girls, girls, girls.

The Raskins from NY was the opening act and reminded us how was Motley Crue when they were starting. Aggressive, "stylish", colorful! Stack in the past, with some typical hard rock/hair metal music, it was an interesting warm up for 30 minutes... If it was the '80s, these guys would have made an impact back then... But now it is 2014, and we all know what this means, unfortunately...

Alice Cooper, the guest star, supported fully the headliners that night... And I write "fully" because although a HUGE name, he played as the support group (which is not very familiar for a guy 40+ years in the business) but he used all his "magical tricks" (the lobotomy, the straight jacket) and he played the hits such as Poison, I'm 18, School's Out (Bowl's favorite), Mr. Nice Guy. We don't care about his voice, he is 66, but he can still breathe, move and perform as a real Hollywood actor. By the way, thank you Alice Cooper because back in 1988 it was "Trash" that made me start listening to hard rock / heavy metal music. And I wasn't 18 but 8 years old.

After 20 minutes... lights out, one minute intro and Saints of L.A. blast the stage. Big four turn the Bowl into a huge bar that everyone is partying, everyone is meeting people and everyone is dancing while drinking his favorite beer. We are already on the Wild Side and all 18.000 people love it. And who cares that Tommy Lee didn't do his "roller-coaster" drumming? (Bowl's space restrictions). Crowd is screaming (mostly the names Nikki or Tommy), but it is Vince's Primal Scream that is making us all "sing along" with ecstasy. Ok, we know he was never the best vocalist even in his prime, his voice was weak that night, but ...hey, relax, this guy doesn't need to prove anything. Fireworks all over Bowl, great sound, familiar 80's style vibe... Same Ol' Situation in a few words. Mick Mars is Rock Solid, he barely moves, looks like a Godfather, already 63 by the way, with Looks That Kill. He is not Yngwie Malmsteen but we didn't come here for Guitar Clinic. Minute by minute is more and more sentimental, everyone's going On With The Show, no place for sited people, all standing up, shouting, singing, watching astonished.

Motley Crue live @ Hollywood Bowl

Motley Crue don't play fast, never played fast in their career but definitely they are Too Fast For Love. Although you can see and feel everywhere that Love from all the "rocksters", all over the Bowl. Most of them have the need to smoke something "smart" or "funny" (can you smell the "smell"?), just to feel that "well, lets go back again on the '80s while Smoking In The Boys Room". Now that we have the ...proper mood, it is better to slow the pace, relax, close our eyes and think about our personal beloved one, because "Without You" are the two words that comes to our mind whenever he/she is not with us. By the way, Nikki is a helluva guy. Alone in the stage for a small pause, recites a prologue for each of the members along with a small bio about everyone. The good times, the tough ones ("even brothers fight, right?", he said). And Nikki is the MF Of The Year, each year to say the least throughout his whole career.

Place is going crazy again, those guys up there never compromised, never settled, never walked "streets of prudence". They loved to create chaos, smash a whole place or a scene, be like an Anarchist In The Uk. They don't do it anymore, maybe it Feels Good to calm down when you are 60, and surely felt different In The Beginning when West Hollywood was a party scene every day. Huge monitors is a must in a concert like this, lights are out again and all of a sudden ...Pentagrams on each screen. Oh yes, it is time to Shout At The Devil, however the word "Shout" I don't think Vince have to sing it because crowd is taking his place now. I am sure that noone will Go Away Mad because of that, if someone wants to leave my guest.. Just Go Away!

The party is still on, MC may be old... to their birth certificates but their heart is totally Rock and has more guts than many "kids" out there. They are pure, electrifying, Live Wire, even now they are still Too Young To Fall In Love. Speaking about love, Vince shows it and thank us many times with some... special references "wow, so many beautiful Girls out there". Yes, Crue is all about the Girls, definitely both "love-them" and "hate-them" Girls.

Over one hour and thirty minutes already, no introduction for the all time classic "fall of curtain"-killer duo. Kickstart My heart... pause for the applause and "Home Sweet Home".

They say when you are writing, the most difficult part is the beginning and the epilogue. I will try something personal, Motley Crue don't need fancy words or comments, not even compliments. Personally... Vince, Tommy, Nikki and Mick... thank you so much for making me feel those 2 hours a member of the '80s era, the West Hollywood good ol' company, the Rainbow Club, the vibe back then, the parties, the sunset, Los Angeles. Unfortunately ALL BAD THINGS MUST COME TO AN END (?)

P.S.1 Sorry I didn't mention the technical part (fireworks, non-stop pyro, dancers, drum camera, monitor visuals) but is Motley Crue. Absolute perfection, 101% professional work.

P.S.2 The mentality of people here is so different that noone after such a sentimental concert will say "yeah but they didn't play Louder Than Hell / his voice sucks / only one encore?" etc etc.

P.S.3 A beautiful collage of bio photos from the early years up to nowadays was on Bowl's screens during "Home Sweet Home". Needless to say that many people were crying...