Maybeshewill, Flood Of Red @ Stereo, Glasgow, Scotland, December 6th 2014

Maybeshewill are a post-rock powerhouse and their shows reflect exactly that
on Wed, 12/17/2014 - 12:56

Saturday’s event was an all-dayer, which I unfortunately could not be a part of from the beginning. I did however manage to catch Flood Of Red's performance which was rather entertaining.

Flood Of Red

Being from Glasgow, the crowd welcomed them easily, even though most of the attendants had already knocked a few beers down (remember, it was an all-dayer) which often lets rowdier behaviours to rise to the surface. The band's mellow sounds worked well with the overall vibe of the event, with frontman Jordan Spiers' vocals nicely resonating through the cozy basement that is Glasgow's Stereo.

However, we were in for a very special treat when it came to the main act. I have never been able to coincide with Leicester’s finest tour scheduling, so this show was something I had been waiting for a long time. With "Fair Youth" in their back pockets, Maybeshewill's set had now been infused with a slew of new concertworthy tracks, and worthy they were.


Silent yet extremely emotive, the quintet went through a wide variety of their back catalogue, including a number of crowd favourites amongst some of their newer additions. The new material was very well accepted, and I was particularly thrown back by how well "All Things Transient" translates from studio to live versions.


All-dayer events can take their toll on the crowd, especially when dealing with musical stylings that are not the most accessible. However tonight’s crowd were phenomenal, especially if you were to consider that they had seen numerous bands before reaching the headliner of the day, and overall I think they added a lot to the great atmosphere of the night.


Understandably, highlights of the gig was the particularly explosive live edition of "Not For Want Of Trying" and the definite crowd-pleaser "He Films The Clouds Pt 2". The Glaswegians were screaming out the pre-recorded vocal samples which brought goosebumps to this little here reviewer. Overall, I have not a single bad thing to say about the performance. The setlist was great, so was their performance. The sound clarity was surprisingly good and the awesome light show really brought a lot to their gig.