Venom Inc. (Tony Dolan)

"We aren't a cover band like the Cronos thing"
on Fri, 09/08/2017 - 13:40
Tony Dolan - aka Demolition Man - spoke to us about the new Venom Inc. album "Ave", the hypocrisy he sees in people, "Prime Evil", Cronos and the possibility of hearing something new from Atomkraft.
Hello mr Dolan, this is John, greetings from Rocking and Greece. Where do we find you at this moment? Are you preparing for the USA tour in September? Impressions from the gigs so far?
Hi there. Yes, Just now I'm visiting in Detroit and London Ontario while I relax in preparation for the upcoming North American tour... So far the shows have been fantastic and the crowd response to the shows and new album have been amazing…
I guess you have answered one thousand times questions regarding the facts behind the comeback of Abbaddon and the continual under the Venom Inc. name. I’d rather you gave us more info about the differences behind M-Pire Of Evil and the new project. Song wise or anything else. Are M-Pire Of Evil still alive? Did you use any older songs for “Ave”?
We did choose 2 songs we had over from the new M:Pire of Evil album as we felt they suited Venom Inc... “Dein Fleisch” and “Preacher Man” and so far everyone loves them both which is great and they fit the album perfectly...
M:Pire is most definitely alive and the new album will be ready for next summer...
The difference between the two are that one is more technical and one more rabid and aggressive...openly full of power and passion… Venom Inc, the other controlled and variable...and goes where it pleases...
How long did it take for the whole “Ave” thing to be done? You know, composing, rehearsals, recordings etc… Were there any specific older records of Venom that you targeted to approach musically? Or the whole thing was done as “let’s see what we have and where it will lead us”?
The album came together over 2 months.... We got the deal and had a gap we had to fit it in. I focused on the art the layout and the scripting and video while mantas put all the riffs together from his catalogue....
Everything he sent worked really well, it all sounded great...I didn't need to add anything. Once the shapes were all done the tracks were sent to Abaddon in Newcastle and he went into the studio and recorded all drums, then sent the files back to Portugal where Mantas lives and has his studio... Then I flew from London to Portugal and finished all bass then we worked on the rest of the lyrics and recorded the vocals... Then we mixed and Mantas mastered and I returned to London then flew to Rome, shot the video and returned and edited and we delivered everything to Nuclear Blast.
The album’s name “Ave” sticks to your mind immediately. What does the word Satan represent for you?
“Ave” is a hail and salute and as this whole thing is dedicated to the fans who have pushed us to tour and now make an album.
What does Satan mean to me? Nothing...Lucifer? Everything...
Yes I distinguish...Lucifer is knowledge and light...most people are fake and hide their real selves...I like honesty and knowledge...ignorance is not tolerance or power...people need to see themselves and most do not so hate or blame on others because they themselves are weak and shallow so use others as their target because they themselves are weak..
Lucifer is truth...WE are all Satan and God… or dark and light or bad and good , however you wanna see it but it is within us all.....but weak people blame something they cannot prove or see and call it faith.
The whole luciferian concept of the metal bands at the beginning of 80ies (with Venom as leaders) separated them from the punk scene. Do you view it as another road of expressions, like revolution or counteraction to the society?
100%... Organized religion is just another way to control people....keep them subservient, yes anti-establishment voices use what they can to push back… not conforming and back then in a Roman Catholic environment the best way to fucking with the sanctity of religion... And it also gets you noticed..
Is “Dein Fleish” (nice video by the way) about the flesh desires and hedonism? Why these matters are taboo to the majority of religions?
Exactly! Dein is about the inner hidden person. The fake facade people present while the look on others with disgust yet in moments of their silent hidden moments their real perversions and lusts come through...they are contradictions always....this is all about the posturing they present while hiding their reality..
The intro riff of “Forged In Hell” seems very close to “Welcome To Hell”, don’t you think so? Did it happen on purpose, as a statement like “look who we are”?
No not at all...I guess any similarities are simply because I encourage Mantas to just let go and be and write as himself as he needs to prove zero to anyone...the riff may seem similar but only because that is who he is, plays abs its honest and natural. While Cronos contrived to make his work sound like 1981 Mantas is that...he wrote ALL the early stuff that Cronos tries to claim lol it's funny and relates to Dein… trying to create and image that is fake, false and unreal.
Is “Black N' Roll” something like a tribute to Motorhead?
Not on purpose but more a tribute to all the great music that influenced us... we aren't a cover band like the Cronos thing...we don't cover our own songs, but “Black N' Roll” is more a tribute to all things metal and good.
Who is this “Preacher Man”? Quite a different song from the others, more heavy.
Preacher was an M:Pire song that we felt fit our style on this album and’s about the false prophets and fake religious con men trying to infiltrate your brain and indoctrinate you...fuck ‘em and that. Be you, whatever that is...
Which “Ave” song seems to work better in your gigs? Is there any possibility to put more tracks from “Prime Evil”, “Temples Of Ice” or “The Waste Lands”?
Yes, I want to include everything but it's difficult… so many great much great far we've only put Ave in the set but everywhere the fans have been singing the song with us, so that's a great sign...:-)
Are these any chances to return to Greece? Do you remember your visit here as M-Pire Of Evil?
We had the best visit as M:Pire and Greece is a favorite for us all! The fans, country people and food… and as a promise I will being Venom Inc.
Let’s go back, when you first came into Venom. How were your feelings back then? I think that “Prime Evil” didn’t get the feedback it should have, it was a hellish release. What is your opinion?
Well, you know, over the years Cronos and his team have tried hard to make it seem like “Prime Evil” etc was nothing, but it simply wasn't true...the album and tours were superb… reviews destroyed Possessed and Calm Before The Storm, so what was bad? Lol, the fact is was VENOM without him? Lol tough...he has to cry in his pillow about that one, but his words are thinly veiled...he hasn't produced anything close for over 10 years....
It felt natural and was a special connection and combination which we now get to share again in 2017. People don't like it won't change history (laughs), so just stay away in your room and stay with what you like then. I have no interest or time for the bullshit fake news lol
Can we hope for a new full length with Atomkraft? Are any new songs for them in your quiver?
I have and always write with Atomkraft in mind… who knows if I ever get enough time then perhaps 
And, finally, since you were full into acting, is there any new movie including you? Have you seen anything worthy during the last months?
Right now I'm too busy, but I now have 2 scripts I'm interested in. So, yes ,if they work out then some soundtracks we will write for and 2 movies I may do.
Thanx a lot for your time, hope the best for the tour and see you in Athens!
Thank you so much and I hope to see you all soon!! Thank you and Ave.