Toundra (Esteban Giron)

"We love you because you think a little more by yourself in this sick European Union"
on Mon, 04/24/2017 - 14:55

Here is a chat with Esteban from Toundra. We talk about new projects, life, touring, football and music in general.


Hello there.
Hi! Thanks a lot for this interview.
Where are you now?
Right now we’re in Austin, Texas, USA. We’re performing at SXSW Festival this week.
Give me some basics for the band.
Toundra is an instrumental rock music band based on Madrid, Spain. We’re together for the last 10 years and we have four albums "I", "II", "III" and "IV". We have just released a new album with a new side project called Exquirla where we written songs with the flamenco artist Niño de Elche. The album "Para Quienes Aún Viven" have just been released.We are Alex, Alberto, David and Esteban and we live in Madrid.
Your last album was very good. There is a feeling that you made the next step forward, do you feel the same?
We wrote that album in 2014 and we released it in 2015 so we’re starting to write new songs for the next one. We want to release it in 2018 so we have a lot work to do. We’re very happy with "IV" and we think that is our best on by the moment.
Superball Music, release your last album on vinyl format. Did you ask for that? It became a necessity because of the trends?
We love vinyl and the label knew that it was so important for us and for our fans to released it in that format. We love records, no singles (we don’t know to do singles) so we know that is very important to listen to our records from the begining to the end. Vinyl is perfect for this kind of hearing.
Which bands from the past, did influence you?
Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, King Crimson... We love rock and roll from the '70 and we love hardcore punk bands as Fugazi, Minor Threat and the Dischord Records "academy".
Is there a music scene in Madrid? Do you have other bands or projects going on?
David plays in incredible bands called El Páramo and Adrift. There’s an important music scene in Spain and we fell very happy for the healthy of our music. We love those 2 bands and other ones as Gerrera or Biznaga. As I told you, we have just released Exquirla album too.
On instrumental music the writing process, the most of the times, goes like a jam. Is your habit to write music in the studio?
We start with ideas we do at home and we bring it to the practice room. Sometimes we jam too but we don’t trust only in jam sessions.
Which is your favorite football team?
Alex and me (Esteban) are Real Madrid and Sporting de Gijón. David is Atlético de Madrid (poor guy) and Alberto is Batman (aka Valencia).
Is there a conflict or a rivalry between bands from Madrid and Barcelona, as in between the sports fans?
Haha!!! No. We’re together in this. We love football and we support teams from Madrid, but we love Barcelona bands and Barcelona players as Xavi hernández or Andrés Iniesta!
What is your opinion about Spain’s secession? Do you believe Pays Basque, Catalunya or Andalusia etc could be independent countries?
We love Basque Country, Catalunya and every part of Spain. We have good friends anywhere. We would love that we could to build a new country with really social projects and fight against selfishness and the greed of our actual politicians. But we believe that every region all over the world has the right to decide what to do with their future... We believe in democracy so if any region wants to celebrate any referendum to decide what to do, we would support it.
How often do you tour, and how much does touring affect your day to day life?
All the year. This is our main project in our lives. We have regular jobs in offices but we can manage them in order to tour anytime we want. We’re very lucky but we know that if you don’t work for that luck, we would be playing only in Madrid for all these years. We can’t live only by playing music.
Have you ever been in Greece? Even as a tourist?
No! We’ve never been there. David and me want to go there before the gig to visit Athens two days before.
What is your opinion about our country. Do you find similarities between Spain and Greece?
We’re mediterranean cultures and we feel that we have more in common with Italy o Greece than with other countries. We studied Greek and the philosophy from the past of Greece at school so every one in Spain is connected to Greek culture in some way. We love you because we think you think a little more by yourself in this sick European Union... but you have to visit a place before having an opinion about it. 
Are there any plans for the future? Is there a new album in process?
We are going to record out new album in December. We are in USA and we have a European Tour in May and some festivals with Toundra and Exquirla. Let’s see!
Do you have a message for the greek fans?
Come to our show, have a good time with us. One of the most important for us touring is to know people from other parts of the world and having friends in every country we go. So we’re really excited to come!
Thanks! See you soon.
Thank you very much.