Royal Thunder (Mlny Parsonz)

"I highly respect and am blown away by Freddy Mercury's, Klaus Meine's and Dave Grohl's voices!"
on Tue, 04/04/2017 - 16:20
Royal Thunder
We are talking with Mlny Parsonz for the new Royal Thunder album. Her music taste, her voice and singing. Warning about politics, ideas and stories about the band.
Hello there Mel! Where are you now? How are you doing?
Im in my american bed ha. I am doing well. I had a full day of fishing and band practice yesterday. Hoping to have another great day today.
You got an excellent new album. I think with "WICK" you sound a bit more psychedelic than before. These days, your sound reach really emotional and melodic roots. How could you describe your sound, nowadays?
We never really have stopped to consider our sound. I would say, we take a very natural/organic approach and just allow the music to speak to us and take us along the path it has set before us. It “feels” more grounded these days. It has a sense (metaphorically speaking) of a bull digging its hoof deeper and deeper into the earths dirt. Steady and ready.
Who is responsible for the lyrics? What is the general concept? Everything sounds negative and divide.  
I write the lyrics. There really isn't a theme/concept. I don't know if you meant to call it "negative"... i think and know, that there is a tension at times and an intensity. But I always try to bring light to the darkness. I’m always chasing after truths and growth. I wanna heal and process and music is my outlet. I can only hope the music we are making is a positive listening experience on every level.
Royal Thunder
You were really sigh. After all these years, how do you feel on stage, in front of so many people?
I was an incredibly shy and quiet child. I was a bold, obnoxious, and hyper teenager. Now I'm settled somewhere in the middle. For me, a stage is a stage is a stage. I don't really look out to the audience so that aids in me not fully being aware of the people watching. But on stage i am usually in a hypnotic state- feeling the music. I’m always a little nervous before we play, hoping to be able to sing (laughs!!). I freak out and think I’m gonna get on stage and not be able to sing- all the time. Like, 'holy shit... I forgot how to sing. It sounds ludicrous, but I do that a lot. (laughs!!)
In the beginning, you where an instrumental band. Your voice is fantastic. How late did you realize that you are a good singer? How this came out?
I don't think I'm a good singer. Honestly. I’m always learning and growing and struggling at times. I feel capable and I enjoy doing it. This band really gave me an opportunity to sing and find the voice within me that I had not yet discovered. I thank Josh for that opportunity and for all of the encouragement he offered along the way. I grew up screaming in metal bands, so, singing was a strange world that I eventually found may way around.
You certainly seem a lot more confident vocally now... Mlny, please tell me who is your favorite singer?
I feel more confident and comfortable in general. Thank you by the way for the positive feedback... Anyway, my favorite singer? I don't really have one. I love many voices. I highly respect and am blown away by Freddy Mercury’s voice. Also, Klaus Meine of The Scorpions and Dave Grohl!
Which is the main reason/story, you move to a new label?
Our contract with Relapse Records was up. Plain and simple. We had a good run. 
Your previous albums attract a lot of "metal" fans. Do you believe the triptych: Relapse, Atlanta, southern bands (Kylesa, Baroness, Mastodon) cause this misunderstanding? 
No. I think people will always put labels on each other. It doesnt really matter either way what people say or think. We are going to do our thing and keep making music. Thats our focus. Not on what people are saying. Those are all fabulous bands and they fully deserve all of the success they have obtained. 
Are you a metal band or not? In my opinion, I found your rock exclusively melodic and hard only in the way you express strong feelings. 
You will always feel the metal because that is where we came from. The metal scene. But whether or not we are doesnt really matter. I dont think we are... but again. Who knows what the next song we put out will sound like. 
Are you happy with your way of living, after the band become more professional the last years? Does the band interfere with your personal life?
We are a happy and strong unit. We are very close. The band is a huge part of my personal life. They are my family. Wherever we end up we will be satisfied. We aren’t concerned with what the next 5 years or more, holds. We aren’t shooting for fame or fortune. We are down to earth musicians doing what we love with people that we love.
There is a band photo on a bed. Whose is responsible about that idea. Tell me something about it. Is there a story or something funny about this?
We had the idea and jokingly went for it. There are many stories about that photo. But we keep those stories in the bed (laughs!!). We love each other. You could say it was a representation of how close we are. We had lots of laughs with Jimmy Hubbard(the photographer), during that shoot.
Royal Thunder
How did you pick that band name?
It was mistakingly named after Bob Dylan’s "Rolling Thunder Revue". The original drummer of Royal Thunder, Jason Kelly, named the band.
How was the recording time for the new album? 
Very time consuming and a lot of hard work. We all were so busy in our personal lives and balancing out that with studio time was challenging and always is... but we enjoyed being there and working hard to create something that will outlive us. 
Do you consider yourselves free spirits? Do you have any political concerns? Any comments about the new president of the US?
I am what I am. As far as political views and concerns, I wont ever let that cross over into our music. That is more of a personal thing for me. I don’t think about our new president. Ha
Tell me something about tattoos. Is this a way of expression of feelings or ideas? Is this art for you?
I started getting em when I was a kid. My family, my brother, Ryan Weaver, own Kingdom Tattoo. So I guess it’s just always been around. 
Thank you very much!
Thank you!!!