Morbid Angel (Steve Tucker)

"I was pretty sick of Earache records and their bullshit"
on Thu, 12/28/2017 - 14:14
Morbid Angel
We talked to Steve Tucker about the new album of Morbid Angel, but also about the past and the future of the band.
The return of Morbid Angel is a major event for the extreme sound scene. The negative shock caused by the previous album left no room for another mistake, and fortunately the expectation justifies us. Steve Tucker has returned back to the band and despite the fact that he tries to avoid the references to the recent past, has many other interesting things to tell us.
Morbid Angel
Hallo Steve. How are you doing?
I am doing great! Thanks for asking.
First of all congratulations for the album. Could you share with us some of the most important or crucial aspects of the album making process?
Thanks. I really don’t know where to start on that, this album was not so different than the way we did “Gateways...” or “Heretic”. Trey sent me demo songs and I added my parts to them, and that is how the majority of the album was written, we did write three or four songs in the rehearsal space for this album, and I was very happy with the results. They ended up being very aggressive songs.
You returned in the band in 2015. Did you start working on the album at that point altogether or Trey had started the making process earlier?
I am not sure exactly on how much time passed from when Trey and I discussed me returning and when we started writing songs. I don't believe that Trey had much written at that point. I believe he was more concerned with his decision at the time. I am thinking it was a month or so after that he actually sent me the first ideas for songs
How long had you been working on the album for?
We worked on it for about a year before we started rehearsing the songs to prepare for recordings… 
Are you satisfied with final outcome or you have found out something you would do it differently?
I am very satisfied, there are some slight adjustments that I would make if I could but there is nothing that I would do completely different for the album. I am stoked about it.
Morbid Angel
What do you think the differences are between “Kingdoms Disdained” and the previous albums you participated or even the first four albums of Morbid Angel? 
That is a difficult question actually, and being a part of it, I am not sure that I could give an unbiased opinion on that. For me the one major difference is that I am a different person at this point in life than I was in 2004. Time changes people. 
Even though you were not in the band during the composition of the “Illud Divinum Insanus” album , could you mention the basic directives for “Kingdoms Disdained” in the band in order to avoid the same mistake (or music result if you prefer)?
I don’t have anything to say about that album. I think the combination of people involved in both albums have very different results. I think of it as alchemy, the combination of Trey and I has a much darker meaner outcome than the combination of Trey and other people. 
From your point of you, how the reviews of “Illud Divinum Insanus” affected Morbid Angel, even you were not a member back at that time?
It seemed to me that people were pissed. I really don’t know the effect it had on Morbid Angel. I think you would need to talk to fans to find out this information.
I believe that “Kingdoms Disdained” is the best album considering those ones you contributed for Morbid Angel. Do you agree with this opinion? Would you prefer an other album and why?
Again this is not something that I would have an opinion on at all, I think this is a discussion for fans not band members. I am very happy with Kingdoms Disdained, however I was just as happy with “Formulas Fatal To The Flesh” and “Gateways To Annihilation”. One thing for sure, I am very happy about doing this album with a great label, I was pretty sick of Earache records and their bullshit.
Morbid Angel
Compared to the previous periods you were in the band, which one do you feel is the most creative for Morbid Angel? And which one the most difficult or weird for the band and for you personally? 
I can honestly say that they have all been all of these things, every album has its moments of insanity and absolute brilliance. I feel the band is now and has always been experimenting, weird, difficult, and yet, rewarding.
What are the major sources of inspiration for you?
Thought. I am very fond of spending time thinking. Allowing my brain to be open to new ideas, these things can take time, often new ideas develop over weeks and months, not minutes and hours. Allowing things to process inside the mind without an overwhelming opinion often opens up new ideas for me. 
How are you going to promote your new album? Any tour plans? Could we expect to see you on stage in Greece?
Yes there will be extensive touring for “Kingdoms Disdained”, that is the reason I play music, to do live shows, it is the only thing that makes all of the hours of creating, rewarding. I truly hope that we do come to Greece, I have played there before and it was cause for lifelong memories.
What else can we expect from Morbid Angel in the future?
Unfortunately, I cannot see into the future, but for now, all i see is live shows.
Thanks for your time Steve. Hope to see Morbid Angel in Greece very soon. 
Thank you too.