Circa Waves (Kieran Shudall)

"We want us to be known as one of the best live rock bands"
on Mon, 06/12/2017 - 16:12
Circa Waves
Circa Waves is a promising band from Liverpool that recently released its second album "Different Creatures". While preparing for the first live show in Greece, we talked with Kieran Shudall, guitarist and lead vocalist about the band’s defining sound, their fiery live shows, his ambitions and Greek salad.    
Hello guys! Where are you now?
Currently in Liverpool. Off to tour America tomorrow.
First of all, how would you introduce Circa Waves to an audience that hasn’t heard of you before?
We are a rock band playing high energy sweaty shows!
Your new album, "Different Creatures", was released some months ago. It’s been two years since your debut came out. How do you feel for finally sharing brand new material with the world?
It feels amazing. We love playing this record as it’s full of heavier songs that are so fun to play live.
Talking about music, your sophomore album sounds heavier -even darker- than everything we had heard before. How come this shift?
It felt like a natural progression to become heavier. We always leaned toward those moments in our set, so I decided to write bunch of bigger, dirtier songs.
How is your "quest" proceeding over the years? Are there any elements that define you, any elements that you’d like to fade out or something you’d like to try?
I think we would like to play bigger stages. We want us to be known as one of the best live rock bands. If anything defines us I think it’s that. You will not be disappointed at a Circa Waves show.
In "Young Chasers" we heard a lighter, popish sound while now we face the aggressive, rock traits of Circa Waves. The difference is pretty clear, like you’ve fallen out with your happy indie self. Is this a coming-of-age record?
I guess so. "Young Chasers" felt like a record I had to get off my chest. Those summery indie songs were almost a diary of my teen years. “Different Creatures” is based on current times. 
Circa Waves
Even though you’re an upcoming band, you have shared the same stage with many important artists, like The Libertines and Foals and you’ve participated in big festivals. What did you get from these experiences?
You learn so much from experienced bands. The confidence they have and the way they dominate a stage. These things take time. We are learning fast though.
I must admit your music videos are really obscure and dark. I’m an avid fan of cinema and I’m glad to see musicians creating aesthetically interesting films. But why did you end up with that result? Why is there so much blood after all?
Music videos is a chance to have fun and give imagery to your song. If we can convince someone to make a Circa Waves horror movie, we will. 
Are we as different and unique creatures as we think we are or is this an enormous illusion?
You are the centre of your own universe. You believe you are unique and important which in turn makes great art from great artists. As you get older you start to become more aware it’s not all about you. 
You are coming from the so-called “birthplace” of indie rock, England. Which musicians would you name as major influence?
The Beatles, of course. A lot of American stuff as well. Like the Foo Fighters.
Is it hard for a new band to make the difference in such a competitive and demanding scene? Is there solidarity among the artists?
It’s really hard. Pop music controls the music world. If you make alternative music you better be prepared to work very hard. 
Circa Waves
So your performance at Ejekt Festival is going to be your first one in Greece. Have you visited our country before, even just for holiday?
I went to Crete a couple of weeks ago. I love Greece. I’m all about the Greek Salads.
What are you expecting from your concert in Greece?
I have no idea! I didn’t hear much rock music when I went so I’m just hoping people turn up.
Any plans for the summer? Will you be on tour or get some rest?
We play a bunch of festivals and write a lot more music.
What should we expect from Circa Waves in the near future?
We want to release more music soon. We never stop creating.
Would you like to share a message with the Greek fans?
I can’t wait to meet you all! Please bring Greek Salad...