Bleeding Gods (Ramon Ploeg)

"We wanted to tell the story like it was in Ancient Greece"
on Mon, 02/12/2018 - 11:13
Bleeding Gods
We talked with the dutch band on their new album "Dodekathlon", which is based on the greek myth of the Twelve Labours of Hercules.
Fresh in the fields of symphonic death metal, Bleeding Gods can make an impact with their new album, “Dodekathlon”. We contacted their founder, Ramon Ploeg, to enlighten us concerning their history, their new album, the greek concept behind it, as well as their similarities with other bands of the genre. Read below what he told us.
You are a relatively new band. What’s the history of the band?
I started Bleeding Gods in 2012 after my departure from my former band. I wanted to spend more time to make metal music. Not only pure and to the point death metal, but also adding influences of classical guitars and lyrical stories too.
How hard was it to find people that shared the same passion as you to form Bleeding Gods? 
That was really difficult. We’ve had several lineup changes already. Every time there were musical or personal issues, so finding the right match wasn’t easy. I think if you’re in a band and spend that much time with each other, you must have a family feel to it. Matching on all levels; musically and personally. With this line up I really found the right one, we are a big family now.
Bleeding Gods
This is your second release. Named after a greek myth, the labours of Hercules. Why did you choose that concept?
With our debut album “Shepherd Of Souls” we’ve had several subjects about history and myths. For this one we wanted to create a concept album with one subject. We had several ideas when our vocalist Mark came up with the Twelve Labours of Hercules. Mark is a walking history book and is a real big fan of Greek myths and history. So we chose this one, also because we’ve had the challenge to write 12 tracks.
A lot of these labours are being used as metaphors nowadays. Was that your intention?
No. We just wanted to tell the full mythical story like it was in Ancient Greek. It’s also full of murders, bloody battles and beasts… What a way to write and compose a metal album! So, no metaphors here, just metal and a brutal story.
I hear some Septic Flesh and Behemoth influences here and there in the album. Which other bands have influenced you in one way or another in your music?
Well, that would be Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, but also Slayer, Kreator and Fleshgod Apocalypse. Not for this album alone, but that is my writing and playing style for the last 24 years in developing. Death metal, but still with thrash and some black influences. Together with all the orchestras, keyboards and pianos combining, it looks like we have all those influences but we are still keeping our own sound. Plus we are fans of those bands for many many years.
Bleeding Gods
You seem to show an interest in mythology. Have you studied anything in that area?
No not really. Our vocalist Mark is a fan of all kinds of mythology and writes awesome lyrics about it.
The artwork also has to do with the concept, right? It is done by a greek guy if i am not mistaken.
Yes it is. All the photos are by Cristel Brouwer and the artwork by Dimitris Tzortzis, both of Immensa Artis. He created it all, so not only the awesome cover art, but also the complete booklet and layout. They both did a awesome job!
What are your plans now after releasing “Dodekathlon”?
First we are doing a couple of shows in the Netherlands and Belgium, and then we´re off to Japan for a promotion tour. We are planning for more dates and countries, so we hope to tour a lot worldwide to promote the new album.
Any chance of coming to Greece?
Yeah hope so, that would be awesome!
Feel free to end the interview in your own way
Thank you for the interview and hope to come to Greece somewhere soon!