Best albums of 2014

Noisefull's team chooses the 30 best releases of the year
on Wed, 12/24/2014 - 14:08

Gridlink30. Gridlink - "Longhena"

"Grind has come a long way to reach this monumental album. Nothing will ever be the same again and Gridlink's absence will surely be noticeable. "Longhena" proves that grind is much more than an over-the-top act of musical violence. It is art in its most extreme form."

Jeremy Irons & The Ratgang Malibus29. Jeremy Irons & The Ratgang Malibus - "Spirit Knife"

"It is one of the most interesting rock album in recent memory, constantly evolving from start to finish."

Primordial28. Primordial - "Where Greater Men Have Fallen"

"This is yet another jewel in Primordial's discography. Even though there seems to be some moments that are repetitive and others that are rather awkward, this is still one of the year's best offerings."

Grand Magus27. Grand Magus - "Triumph And Power"

"Taking advantage of the fact that no one is really leading the scene, Grand Magus swoop down to claim the crown."

Leonard Cohen26. Leonard Cohen - "Popular Problems"

"Leonard Cohen's album seems to defy the modern music industry's status quo and radiates -just like its predecessor- some sort of glorious grace that makes it stand out from many of this year's releases."

Evergrey25. Evergrey - "Hymns For The Broken"

"This album deservingly finds its place amongst Evergrey's finest moments and marks the band's return to the forefront of the scene."

The Black Keys24. The Black Keys - "Turn Blue"

"It's the Black Keys godammit! Following a logical path, they are more accessible than ever, providing an oasis of quality within the mainstream realm that we are often forced in to."

Closure In Moscow23. Closure In Moscow - "Pink Lemonade"

"Closure In Moscow seem to be a band with limitless possibilities that are clearly highlighted in "Pink Lemonade". A great band that seems to follow Mars Volta's legacy."

Flying Colors22. Flying Colors - "Second Nature"

"The 5 great musicians that comprise Flying Colors came together to produce a multidimensional and detail-oriented album that is both fuller and harder to get than its predecessor."

At The Gates21. At The Gates - "At War With Reality"

"Straight up quality Swedish death metal, as it was introduced to us a few decades back. Melodic at parts, extreme wherever necessary, but dark and atmospheric throughout. If this came out two ears after "Slaughter Of The Soul", it would already be a classic."

Foo Fighters20. Foo Fighters - "Sonic Highways"

"What Grohl triad to achieve -and achieved he did- is amazing. His love and admiration for the US of A's musical legacy floods "Sonic Highway" and that is what mainly comes across when listening to this album."

The Socks19. The Socks - "The Socks"

"I love Witchcraft, they probably love 'em too, but to the point that they are ripping them off. A lot of keyboards and guitars are what this album great. Really great, and it is only their first one."

Dead Congregation18. Dead Congregation - "Promulgation Of The Fall"

"There are times when an album just comes out of nowhere and redefines what we think about a genre, in this case death metal. "Promulgation Of The Fall" is that album, a release that just adds more to the myth that is Dead Congregation."

The Soulbreaker Company17. The Soulbreaker Company - "Graceless"

"It's not the album that you will solely visit at the end of the year. No, it's an album that you will be coming to again and again, either to bring you up or to bring you down."

Ty Segall16. Ty Segall - "Manipulator"

""Manipulator" is clear evidence of Segall's maturity as an artist. It well may be that his initial drive for the perfect sound was what brought us to him initially, but it is evolution through time that will keep us coming back for more."

Swans15. Swans - "To Be Kind"

"I find it hard to believe that they were able to release such a good album only a couple of years after "The Sheer". I also find it hard tobelieve that 60-year old Michael Gira has more enegy than most musicians half his age. I cannot seem to explain how they produce such complicated music served out so simply and beautifully."

Triptykon14. Triptykon - "Melana Chasmata"

""Melana Chasmata" is dark, malicious and through its staggering simplicity, a true black piece of art."

Ne Obliviscaris13. Ne Obliviscaris - "Citadel"

""Citadel" attempts to broaden the bands horizons as well as the horizons of their followers. It is undoubtedly a demanding listen with many intricacies, but who said you always have to get what an artist has to say?"

Wovenhand12. Wovenhand - "Refractory Obdurate"

"David Eugene Edwards' newest faction of his musical career offers multidimensional dark atmospheres, relentlessly inflexible rhythms and some of the heaviest compositions he has ever written."

Accept11. Accept - "Blind Rage"

"Accept are 'doomed' to never be able to release a bad record. This is their three-peat, offering no discounts in quality."

The War On Drugs10. The War On Drugs - "Lost In The Dream"

"The sonic amalgamation of their influences are a clear hint to the past but a clear indication that they are highly relevant today."

John Garcia9. John Garcia - "John Garcia"

"John Garcia seems to be better than ever, and this is just the beginning."

Rival Sons8. Rival Sons - "Great Western Valkyrie"

"If Rival Sons is not one of the big rock bands of this time and "Great Western Valkyrie" is not among the albums of the year then we can sleep safely. There will always be reunion albums, musical dinosaurs and tribute bands to rely on..."

Villagers Of Ioannina City7. Villagers Of Ioannina City - "Riza"

"The finest combination of heavy rock and traditional Greek music is here."

Slash6. Slash - "World On Fire"

"Slash, Myles and the rest of the gang release an album full of great songs, paying tribute to "Appetite For Destruction"'s legacy better than anyone."

Need5. Need - "Orvam: A Song For Home"

""Orvam" is an impeccably written album and one of the best releases the Greek metal scene has offered ever."

Royal Blood4. Royal Blood - "Royal Blood"

"Garage rock a la White Stripes with a tad of Rage Against The Machine riffage? Fuck yeah!"

Jack White3. Jack White - "Lazaretto"

"White takes another step forward, still maintaining his well-deserved position as one of the greats."

Solstafir2. Solstafir - "Otta"

""Otta" is a record that you can easily listen to in the background as well as focus deeply in to its many, many interesting nuances. It is the final product of its black metal origins filtered through a post prism and a few indie influences, all combined perfectly."

Blues Pills1. Blues Pills - "Blues Pills"

"A classic rock album, 'classic' referring to it being amazing, not the genre."