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on Wed, 12/24/2014 - 15:12

As the editors of / voted for the best albums of 2014, we conducted some of the artists on the list. Here's what they had to say to us.

Jeremy Irons & The Ratgang MalibusM, K, H, V (Jeremy Irons & The Ratgang Malibus)

"We heard from our greek friends that / is a huge deal in Greece so we're so honored to have made it to this list among such great artists. This here is just the beginning, you'll definately hear more from JIRM in 2015. See you in the future! Peace."

JB (Grand Magus)JB (Grand Magus)

"We are deeply honoured that "Triumph And Power" was voted in the top 30 albums of 2014. We are hoping to bring our metal in the flesh to Greece next year. All the best from Grand Magus to all you metalheads!"

Closure In MoscowManny (Closure In Moscow)

""Pink Lemonade" nearly never came to be. It was the ugly record no label wanted to touch. We were told things like it was 'too weird' and 'a mess' and that 'no one will get what you're trying to do'. Well here's a big FUCK YOU to those people cause here we are. A massive Thank You goes out to the editors who chose us for this year, glad you get the crazy in it all."

The SocksThe Socks

"Thanks for putting us on your list ! It's nice to see small bands like us alongside some great and wellknown artists! Hopefully one day we'll make it to Greece, and that'll be thanks to people like you!"

Ne ObliviscarisTim (Ne Obliviscaris)

"It's always an honour to have your band be considered amongst the best releases of any year, but especially in 2014 when so many great albums were released by so many bands we love and admire ourselves. A huge thank you to and all our fans in Greece for your amazing support! Great to hear we made the Top 30!"

John GarciaJohn Garcia

"I honored to have made such a prestigious list and I can't wait to get back there play my new solo songs. Hopefully next year!! Cheers!!"


"2014 was a really good year for Need. Our third album was finally released, getting raving reviews all over the world, we gave some really nice shows and we visited the U.S. for the first time for ProgPower USA festival. In regard to all these, it's a great honor for us that the editors of / voted "Orvam" as the 5th best albums of the year. We thank you very much."


"We feel very honoured that Rocking has chosen our latest release "Otta" as the second best album of 2014. This strong interest in our music comes at a perfect time as we will play in beautiful Greece for the first time in February. We have been waiting a long time for this to happen. See you all at our show!"

Elin (Blues Pills)Elin (Blues Pills)

"We are so honored to be voted to best album of the year by! Especially considering the other great albums that have been released this year! We can't wait to come and make our first live appearances in Greece! Thank you!"