The 10 best metal albums for the first half of 2016

The editors of Noisefull voted for the metal albums that have taken up residence in their music players so far this year
on Tue, 06/28/2016 - 13:20
The first half of the year has gone by, having left us with great music throughout the whole genre spectrum covered by Noisefull. Writers and contributors of the site that focus on rock, metal and alternative efforts gathered together and voted, producing three distinct mid-year lists.
Ladies and gentlemen, these are the best metal records for the first half of 2016. The albums are in reverse order, number one being our favorite.

10. Anthrax - For All Kings
Anthrax - For All Kings
What Anthrax did with "For All Kings" should be an example for all established bands that are afraid to take their music a step forward or just adjust to the current sound of metal music, cause they don’t want to upset their fans and eventually end up releasing new music that recycles their past.
Kostas Polizos
Anthrax - For All Kings

9. Tremonti - Cauterize
"Dust" is exactly what Tremonti’s fans are expecting from him. It’s surely another brilliant album, coming straight from one of the greatest artists of our times.
Kostas Polizos
Tremonti - Cauterize

8. Haken - Affinity
If 'The Mountain" gave us an idea of Haken’s contribution to a seemingly saturated and repeatable subgenre, then "Affinity" proves that this is a band willing to bring back adventure to prog metal.
Panos Papazoglou
Haken - Affinity

7. Kvelertak - Nattesferd
Kvelertak broaden their horizons even more, creating a a top-contender of a new album.
Alkis Korovesis
Kvelertak - Nattesferd

6. Gojira - Magma
"Magma" is a smart album, keeping Gojira's established fanbase close, but also bringing in a new one without lowering their standards. This is something that only great bands can achieve.
Chris Karadimitris
Gojira - Magma

5. Cobalt - Slow Forever
Definitely the band’s best work to date, mixing black metal with various other metal subgenres in a beautiful way.
Theodosis Genitsaridis
Cobalt - Slow Forever

4. Innerwish - InnerWish
Innerwish - InnerWish
While, without a doubt, European power/melodic metal is in a decline – both artistically and commercially – InnerWish manage to release a new album that stands out and many established, well known artists would want to have created.
Vassilis Skiadas
Innerwish - InnerWish

3. Cult Of Luna & Julie Christmas - Mariner
Cult Of Luna & Julie Christmas
There’s not much more one could ask from music. If an album manages to give you goosebumps this easily then it’s mission is achieved. Possibly the best atmospheric, sludge metal album of our times.
Theodosis Genitsaridis
Cult Of Luna & Julie Christmas - Mariner

2. Vektor - Terminal Redux
This is an album by metalheads for metalheads. Its not too fussed about breaking out to more commercial audiences or delving in to murky artistic endeavors. "Terminal Redux" is Vektor's third fantastic LP and whoever had them as their race horse is cashing in big time.
Vassilis Skiadas
Vektor - Terminal Redux

1. Poem - Skein Syndrome
"Skein Syndrome" is the kind of exciting progressive album that entertain and challenge you at the same time.  An album so good, that it seems it was worth seven years of waiting for it to arrive.
Chris Karadimitris
Poem - Skein Syndrome

Editorship: Chris Karadimitris