About Noisefull

on Fri, 03/28/2014 - 17:41

Noisefull emerged from the need to take what we've achieved so far with Rocking.gr to an international level.

Rocking.gr has established its leading position in the Greek market, which we're proud of and we are determined to keep that way, keeping our fans engaged and always seeking for improvement, however the international market has always been a big challenge for us and, content-wise, it was always evident that we could stand up to it.

Our venture into the international market started by introducing an English section for our interviews, which we also did for selected articles and reviews. Over the last couple of years we've managed to have more than 120 interviews annually and some of the English versions of our articles had a tremendous impact. Thus, we decided to go fully international, based on the knowledge and the infrastructure of Rocking.gr.

Yet, Noisefull will be diverse as it will bring together editors from various countries, who will provide their  own contributions in accordance to whatever important is taking place in their local scene, and also provide information and report on major events that take place there as well (e.g. big concerts and festivals).

Our mission is to become the leading international media for south-eastern Europe, with the assistance of selected partners.

Of course, this will be beneficial for artists too, as our work with Rocking.gr will be also presented in a fully international site, getting more exposure worldwide.

We believe that this new site will offer something new and we're excited to see it happening right now.

In case you are interested in joining our team, have a look here. We are looking for rock-metal enthusiasts from all around the world.